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Imprints in my mind/heart/soul of textures and shapes and colors began when I was quite young. Probably in the womb. These have stayed with me forever and sustained me through everything – good and bad. They are a language that I understand with no strain or difficulty. So it is not a surprise that ultimately I would venture into the world of making art. I have dabbled in it for years, sending out holiday cards and making the occasional oil pastel or colored pencil drawing. At the age of 60, I finally jumped in, full on. I taught myself to paint and use pen and ink. The creative process itself is familiar to me, as I was a professional actor and I wrote scripts and a book. I love the unknowingness of the journey. When I look at my art – it is the most authentic me. At this stage in my life, I realize that being my truest self, whatever that might be, is the greatest gift I can give. So, I draw.